Advantages of adlight

1. The patented system

The days of the phase testers, small screwdrivers with a built-in control light and lights with little screws  are over. This is possible thanks to the innovative adlight system that makes it possible to change lamps and lights quickly without having to disassemble them or touch the spare parts. Click & Light.

2. The simple assembly

The standard , one-time installation of the the only 0.05 light ceiling part is child-friendly and makes the system compatible with all the standard adlight lamps or lightning systems which are occuring and will occur more often. Other advantages :  The assembly of the base part is up to 80% faster than using the standard  lighting installations.

Nevertheless, another important advantage is  that it is not expensive : If you are planning to decorate all the spaces and rooms with adlight we reccommend the  cost-effective assembly done by a professional. Click & Light.

3. The unique drilling template

The innovative, supepractical and self-priming adlight drilling template ensures a quick, easy and  perfect installation of the ceiling part. Its sophisticated technology ensures a dust-free and dirt-free work. Also, all the cables disappear behind the ceiling part.

The tailor-made standardized hole circle ensures that the ceiling part can also fit to all the wall outlets and that it covers them completely. Click & Light.

4. Total dirt reduction

You can forget about the dust in the eyes or the plaster on the floor. When attaching the ceiling part following the drilling template, the dust is directly absorbed by the drilling protection: The springing effect towars the ceiling always guarantees clean connections without a  gap. Click&Light.

5. Absolute Safety

As everybody knows, the free-hand balancing on chairs and ladders is not only troublesome  but it is also highly dangerous. And when you want to sit on something , it is it is very likely for the installation target to move into the distance. A third hand would not be bad , right?

In addition, there is still the fear of  destroying  the circuit due to  a slip-off or a small carelessness. With adlight these  worries are gone – of course with the necessary care because there is no easier assembly . Click & Light.

6. The perfect flexibility

Occurs time  and again: Everything has been planned, calculated, finely adjusted and drilled. But then the following happens:  After hanging the light you realize that it is not exactly parallel tot he wall or simply hangs somehow crooked.

This thing is no longer a problem with adlight: despite the assembly the ready-connected lights can still be rotated and adjusted by 360 °.  And it is even better: for cleaning purposes or for an urgent light replacement the lampshade can be uncoupled and disconnected from the circuit in a matter of seconds. Click &Light.

7. High compatibility

As we have read: Changing all kinds of lights with the new adlight system is simple, cost-effective and safe. That is good to know and many manufacturers are fitting their designer, comfort or standard lights with the adlight system. Much tot he advantage of all the demanding lighting directors. Click & Light.

8. The light as a fashion accessory

Not every light fits in any room, because usually each room is used differently. Often you want your bedroom to be discreet, to have a warm light whereas in the study room a bright, activating light is important. Above the dining table which serves as a meeting place for the whole family you would like some special ceiling lights and in the children`s room a darker light would not be bad. Once you have a type of light and you are satisfied with it , you leave it as it is for years. But perhaps the fashion and the tastes will get changed over the years. Can you guess the advantages of the adlight system? You can hang up new lights whenever and wherever you want to. Click & Light.

9. The quality of the product

It goes without saying that the adlight system has been tested in detail and that it is certified by TÜV according to DIN EN 60320-2-4 (VDE 0625-2-4). As the quality and logevity and are very important to us, we have even tested it four times! It goes without saying that the products are produced without exception under TÜV-certified companies with with constant/permanent quality control according to CE. And because of the high and long lasting product quality as well as of our way of handling the environmental issues and sustainability, the adlight system was of course RoHs-tested and can be easily decomposed and recycled at the end of its useful life. A good thing of course ! Click & Light.

10. Lightsource on a construction site

From the very beggining it is simple, clever and smart: pre-assembled the adlight system for building sites provides the ideal lighting conditions in any dark building- until all work including painting and furnishing is done. Then you can immediately change  this super-practical light source with the selected designer lights. Click & Light.

The logical conclusion

With the patented adlight system , everything is changing  in a positive way for the lighting issues: clean, safe and fast.