Instructions for assemblying

The patented clutch for the lights has been tested according to DIN EN 60320-2-4 (VDE 0625-2-4) and it assures the installers and then the consumers of a safe and quick  assembly or disassembly of the lights.

Technical data: Current voltage 250 Volt

Current 6 A

2 Connection possibilities 0.75 mm²

Operating temperature – 25oC to + 40oC

Use in normal indoor spaces

Weight / pull without shot lever max. 2 kg (20 N)

Weight / pull with the locking lever max. 6 kg (60 N)

The effect of a tilting moment above 1 Nm can be excluded

Safety instructions:

Read the following safety and installation instructions. The documentation should be kept during the period of use.

Check the security label with your smartphone using the free app.

“Check If Real” and determine whether it is a patented original product or a fake. For safety reasons only the  original products should be used in the combination with  the original “adlight-inside” lights. If you use a fake product that fits, there is a great danger that you will  lose your warranty for the both parts.


The appropriate  installation may only be carried out by authorized electricians according to the local safety standards and instructions.

Turn the power off.

Remove the cover ring. Make sure you have a firm, secure stand during the installation and wear protective goggles.

Assembling using the special drilling template

Plug in the tube the of the vacuum cleaner into the rubberized opening.

Move the drilling template to the cables on the ceiling / wall.

The drilling template should be attached on the ceiling.

Drill the holes.

No marking is necessary and it will be almost no dirt!

Assemblying without a special drilling template

Mark the four drilling holes and drill the holes.

Assemblying in a flush-mounted box

The flush-mounted box and the installation type must be designed for a permanent  load of 6 kg (60 N) or short-term  and compressive load during assembly and disassembly of 12 kg (120 N).

Thread the power cables into the large opening provided for this purpose.

Attach the ceiling part with screws and plugs following the ground conditions.

Shoot the power cables correctly:

L = brown, black

N = blue

Ground = yellow / green

Reattach the cover ring.

Turn the power back on.

Examination by the expert – done!


Clean – safe – quick