Patented adlight System

The days of the phase testers, small screwdrivers with a built-in control light and lights with little screws  are over. This is possible thanks to the innovative adlight system that makes it possible to change lamps and lights quickly without having to disassemble them or touch the spare parts. Click & Light.

Why adlight?

According to an online survey made by Xyladecor on the subject of do-it-yourself / self-help, only 55.8% of the consumers trust themselves to mount a lampshade.

This activity is neither popular nor safe.

With adlight everything changes in a positive way: simple – fast – safe.

After the one-time installation of the basic part done by a specialist, there is no longer any contact with the current-carrying parts during lamp replacement. In the future the change of the lampshade can be even fun!

In the future, changing the lampshade is not only safe and fast for your customers,but it is also fun!

Complete study of Xyladecor/

We would like to thank the Reichl and Partner for their kind permission to publish the study on this page.


The adlight system got its license.

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Advantages for producers / traders

  • Mass production is possible through a single system and therefore it does not lead to any additional costs for the end customer
  • The number of customers is considerably increased compared to the lights without the adlight system
  • Easy, fast and safe removal of the light for cleaning purposes
  • Currently the lights are being changed on an average period of 13 years – this period will be shortened
  • LED entry systems are possible (resource-conserving)
  • Phase constant – only one line must be connected
  • Once using adlight – always using adlight

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It is possible to integrate additional functions:

  • On / off switch made by radio / APP
  • Dimmer by radio / APP
  • Smoke detector
  • Wireless amplifier / Router
  • Sensors for gas, temperature, humidity, CO2, carbon monoxide, methane, …
  • TV Simulator
  • Alarm
  • Motion detector
  • Emergency lighting in case of power cut